At Columbia

Introduction to Human Rights. Fall 2021. Instructor: Andrew Nathan.

Ending Wars and Building Peace. Summer 2021. Instructor: Sarah Zukerman Daly.

Introduction to Comparative Politics. Spring 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019. Instructor: Kimuli Kasara.

Latin American Politics. Fall 2017, Fall 2020. Instructor: Victoria Murillo.

Data Analysis and Statistics for Political Science Research. Spring 2018. Instructor: Robert Shapiro.

Quantitative Political Research. Fall 2016. Instructor: Mark Lindeman.

Quantitative Analysis for Intl. and Public Affairs (SIPA). Spring 2015. Instructor: Kiki Pop-Eleches.


Instructor for: Randomizing in Stata & Analyzing Experimental Data. Summer 2016. J-PAL & IPA Workshop on Impact Evaluations for the Government of Colombia.

Teaching Assistant for J-PAL Executive Education Courses on Evaluating Social Programs (2011-2012).